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Our purpose is to provide information that develops interest in being active and productive, regardless of age.  Yes, life is a one way ticket ride, baby - Why spend it being dull and boring when with a little effort we can be happy, sexy, healthy, wealthy. doing what we are meant to be - "LIVING THE BEST OF TIMES".


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Essential things for a better lifestyle are EXOTIC TRAVEL - LIVING COMFORTABLE - GREAT FOOD & WINE - HEALTHY LIVING - A FUN ATMOSPHERE. The only tools necessary - desire to do better, a zest for the fun life, a bit of cash in the bank; and someone special to share the whole thing with...  Simple! Living the best life possible!


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In 2009 as a lark; and because of the thirst pushing the envelope to WHY NOT  limits, I found a station that would allow for me to blab on air; and it grew from there. Today, the messaging has grown in appreciation; and I thank the many that follow the show. Look for more at buzz with orlando (On ROKU, too). Internet radio and radio app at #250 (Free)

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